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Readers Speak, Modern Casting Responds

Doug Kurkul, CEO of AFS

Modern Casting magazine has been published by the American Foundry Society since 1938. Each month, you and thousands of other metalcasting leaders receive the award-winning magazine. In the spirit of superior service and continuous improvement, we recently conducted a reader survey; and also spoke by phone and in person with readers and advertisers to better understand how the popular magazine serves our industry. 

The key message from the reader survey was “keep up what you’re doing.” Readers indicated that they particularly value the foundry best practices, metalcasting case studies, industry news, new product information, alloy and process development information, research updates, and the profiles of innovative foundries and leaders in our industry. Some readers also emphasized the value of the content covering public policy issues and AFS’s advocacy work in the nation’s capital. Consistent with those survey results, the editorial team will continue to emphasize those highly valued elements of the magazine.

You also provided us with valuable insight into how you collectively use Modern Casting magazine. Some 83% of you read or scan every single issue; 68% of you have discussed Modern Casting content with other people; well over half of you have visited advertiser websites and passed along your copy to other people at your company. 

If you are a reader, you’ll be noticing some incremental changes in the coming months. Many great story ideas were suggested, and those articles will be peppered throughout the pages in the months to come. In addition, our graphic designer, Larry Nigh, will be spearheading new design elements and further modernizing the look and feel of the publication. If you read Modern Casting on the web, you will be interested to know that we are investing in new capabilities to enhance your experience there, as well. 

If you are an advertiser, a relevant survey finding was that more than 91% of the respondents named Modern Casting their favorite industry publication compared to 7% for the nearest competitor! After speaking with advertisers, we are making enhancements here, as well. Beginning in January, the purchase of most full-page ads will also provide inclusion in an email blast to our reader list the same month. Our distribution list is updated daily, and by virtue of our role as the largest foundry membership organization in North America, we learn of personnel changes first. The sales team also has a variety of highly effective and affordable digital advertising and geo-targeting options available as well to deliver your messaging to the $48 billion metalcasting industry audience. Fabio Cavalieri (fabio@afsinc.org) and Dave Kathe (dkathe@afsinc.org) are seasoned pros who can walk you through the advertising options. 

In the meantime, please keep your suggestions and feedback coming. You can reach me at dkurkul@afsinc.org. We’re looking forward to a great year in 2024.