November 2020

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EDITORIAL: Questions to Consider for 2021
Doug Kurkul
WASHINGTON ALERT: Executive Order Targets Critical Minerals and China
Stephanie Salmon
Molding the Next-Gen Workforce: An industry supplier and a foundry owner are each taking the skilled-labor shortage problem into their own hands
Kim Phelan
5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Media Coverage: Foundries can extend the news cycle on their next achievement to build awareness and increase sales.
Towanda Long
New EPA Air Emissions Standards for Iron and Steel Foundries: The new final rule does not impose new emissions limits and is testament that iron and steel foundries have implemented effective control measures to minimize risks to human health and the environment.
Jeff Hannapel and Craig Schmeisser
Editorial Index: We’ve compiled the past year’s columns and feature articles from Modern Casting and Casting Source.
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