March 2019

March 2019
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EDITORIAL: Industry Stewardship Meets Workforce Development
D. Kurkul
WASHINGTON ALERT: AFS Joins 150 Associations in Letter to Congress Urging Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment Package
SMART ENERGY: Energy Savings: It’s Time to Act, It’s Time to Report
B. Eppich, C. Belt, B. Reinke
SAFE PRACTICE: Machine Guarding: Last Defense Against Injuries
J. Garesche
COLLEGE CONNECTION: WMU Course Introduces High Schoolers to Metalcasting
INDUSTRY FACES: Kory Anderson Completes Restoration of Historic Steam Engine
Viability of the Copper-Alloy Scrap Stream: Copper-base scrap provides about one-third of the copper consumed in the U.S. each year, and changes to material being recycled could have a significant affect on the scrap stream.
J. Michel, A. Estelle
Case Study in Reducing Shrinkage in Aluminum Castings Using Thermal Management: An aluminum foundry collaborated with its resin supplier and the University of Northern Iowa to solve a microshrinkage defect in a complex casting.
B. Biersner, S. Ravi, S. Giese
How to Prepare for an EPA Regulatory Inspection: Visits from regulators can be stressful, but it’s important to be prepared and stay calm during inspections.
G. Kramer
CastExpo Set for Atlanta: The industry is heading to Georgia for North America’s biggest metalcasting event.
A Modern Casting Staff Report
CastExpo 2019: Show at a Glance • Keynote Speakers • AFS Individual Awards • Casting Designers & Buyers Track • Cast in North America Exhibitors • Program • Exhibitors • Casting Technology Showcase
A Modern Casting Staff Report
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