July 2020

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EDITORIAL: Casting Research Powerhouses
D. Kurkul
MARKETING MIND: EV Tech Advancing Faster Than Predicted
R. Jefferson
COLLEGE CONNECTION: UWM Students Host Girls Engineering Camp
P. Lechner
AFS Research Making an Impact: Coordinated by AFS volunteers, collaborated across the supply chain, and implemented on the shop floor, AFS Research propels the industry forward.
S. Wetzel
Facing Value: Five casting industry professionals discuss the rigors and rewards of delivering value-add services to an ever-demanding marketplace.
K. Phelan
Industry Priority Issues in 2020: AFS is focusing its advocacy efforts on five key issues, including infrastructure this year to support U.S. foundries.
Modern Casting Staff Report
Reclaiming Active Clay and Carbon: Research sought to understand variables in reclaiming clay and carbon to further reduce and reuse foundry waste streams.
L. Miller, E. Halphen, and J. Darlington
Investigating Erosion Defects: A casting trial studied sand erosion and surface finish issues for aluminum and cast iron castings made via chemically bonded sand molds.
M. Raval and S. Ramrattan
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