October 2021

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EDITORIAL: Making Time for Opportunities
S. Wetzel
WASHINGTON ALERT: OSHA Launches New Effort to Reduce Heat-Related Illness
S. Salmon
COLLEGE CONNECTION: Internships Benefit Both Students & Companies
P. Lechner
High School Manufacturing Program Equips Jobs-Ready Generation : Thanks to one teacher’s bold vision and penchant for partnerships, Washington teens are being trained on sophisticated machinery that’s preparing them for employment after graduation.
K. Phelan
The Evolution of Innoculants: Inoculation is an important aspect of ensuring cast iron quality. This article explores how the effect and performance of an inoculant can be measured and what factors can affect inoculation performance.
C. Hartung, L. Michels, and R. Logan
Indoor Air Quality: Know Your Data, Demonstrate Action, And Don’t Set Your Mone…: Three experts talk about moving past fear and overwhelm to reboot an effective plan for controlling exposures and complying with regulations ... no matter the challenges to get there.
K. Phelan
Sand Processing Methods Show Reduction of Respirable Silica: Early research findings point to a potential solution to reduce silica without changing sands or investing in costly engineering controls.
J. Thiel and S. Ravi
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