December 2021

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EDITORIAL: Customer Assistance Is Needed in the Shoe Department
S. Wetzel
WASHINGTON ALERT: New Buy American Provisions Built Into Infrastructure Law
S. Salmon
FOR THE CEO: Succession Planning--Have You Started?
B. Silhacek and M. Wise
COLLEGE CONNECTION: When Moving Backwards Is a Good Thing
P. Lechner
Underground Hero: A young, entrepreneurial manufacturing team collaborated with a U.S. foundry to design a skinny, coreless and versatile casting that easily morphs into multiple iterations that safeguard precious electrical cables—hundreds of feet into the earth.
K. Phelan
Census of World Casting Production: Fewer Castings Made in 2020: The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on production as nearly all major countries—except China—reported fewer shipments in 2020.
Modern Casting Staff
A New Measure for Active Clay in Green Sand: An alternative approach to measure active clay in green sand allows direct CEC measurement by adsorption of highly selective Cu(II)-Triethylenetetramine dye and subsequent quantification in a spectrophotometer.
A. Decher and S. Ramrattan
Metalcasting Industry Year in Review: Modern Casting reviews the major foundry industry news from the last 12 months.
Modern Casting Staff
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