August 2023

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Big Opportunities in a Small-Town Foundry: Seneca Foundry is implementing automation to meet its small business needs—doubling its casting sales along the way.
Shannon Wetzel
Back to Basics: Induction Furnace Daily Maintenance: Understanding the components of an induction furnace is critical for proper maintenance and safe operation.
AFS Institute
Planning a New Mold Handling Department? Start Your To-Do List Here: Equipment suppliers point to key considerations for a successful project, whether retrofitting or designing a greenfield operation.
Kim Phelan
In-Depth Analysis of Steel Cooling Curves: Thermal analysis of steel will help improve casting simulation and porosity prediction.
Robert Tuttle
EDITORIAL: Reshoring Keeps Up Pace
Shannon Wetzel
WASHINGTON ALERT: U.S. Supreme Court Narrows Definition of Waters of the U.S.
Jeff Hannapel
COMMITTEE Q&A: From Research to Foundry Application
COLLEGE CONNECTION: Summer Is for Metalcasting
Pam Lechner
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