October 2020

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EDITORIAL: Knowledge Sharing
S. Wetzel
WASHINGTON ALERT: First Complaint Against Section 301 China Tariffs Filed at Court of International Trade
S. Salmon
COLLEGE CONNECTION: Metalcasting Career Path to Academia
P. Lechner
Passion for Protection: Adalet has a perfect track record for protecting human life with explosion-proof enclosures, but when it comes to dedication to its customers––both within and outside of its traditional markets––this business is fired up with human ingenuity and foundry automation.
K. Phelan
The Saugus Pot and the Birth of the Foundry Industry in Colonial America: Two metalcasters sought to make a replica of the historic Saugus Pot—a symbol of colonial self-sufficiency and American rebellion.
L. Trueba Jr. and R. Habingreither
Mull-to-Energy Strategies for Controlling Green Sand Systems: A study looked at the experiences of three production green sand foundries as they transitioned from managing batch mulling time to batch energy to control their sand systems.
R. Torielli, V. Lele, R. Voigt, J. Furness, F. Headington, E. Nelson, S. Lewallen, and P. Smith
Looking at Castings’ Environmental Impact Across Their Life Cycles: Environmental regulators are beginning to look at the impact of a product’s life cycle on the auto industry’s carbon footprint, and the casting process could hold an advantage in life cycle calculations.
J. Lipshaw
Changes to New Sand Additions at Cadillac Casting: An AFS Green Sand Division survey revealed foundries are handling new sand additions differently from what has historically been standard. Here, one foundry shows why and how it eliminated new sand additions altogether.
T. Hepfner
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