November 2022

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EDITORIAL: There Is a Place for You at AFS
Doug Kurkul
WASHINGTON ALERT: OSHA Continues to Increase Enforcement Activities
Stephanie Salmon
HOYT COLUMN: Lesson #7 - Make the Exit You Want
Jean Bye
Bumper Year for Foundry Mergers & Acquisitions? … Will It Continue?: If it seems like you’ve read a lot of metalcasting M&A headlines this year, you’re not imagining it.
Kim Phelan
Hungry for Defect-free Castings? Warm Up to the Best Practices of Mold Coatings!: Foundries caught in a rut of repeated casting defects and scrap may be well served with a mental retreat to the kitchen for Breakfast 101––not for comfort food, but for answers.
Kim Phelan
AFS Research: Finding the Answers to Move Forward: American Foundry Society is currently supporting 17 active projects in various stages of development, from recently approved to nearly complete.
AFS Technical Department
Committee Q&A: Dr. Robert Tuttle
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