May 2016

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Editorial: A Positive Perspective
A.T. Spada
Washington Alert: Opening Briefs Filed on EPA's New Ozone Regulations
Casting of the Year: Magnesium Liftgate Cuts Weight, Adds Value: Meridian Lightweight Technologies and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles teamed up on this year's award-winning casting-the first high volume application of the structural magnesium part.
CastExpo Rallies the Supply Chain to Minneapolis: Attendees from suppliers, metalcasters and end-users convened in Minnesota for the once-every-three-years event.
Product Developments on the Show Floor: Exhibitors from all parts of the supply chain presented their products to attendees of CastExpo in Minneapolis.
The Next Steps in Metalcasting Development: A sampling of presentations from CastExpo in Minneapolis focused on new ways to move the industry forward.
Trends in X-Ray Casting Defect Recognition: Advancement in assisted defect recognition can improve X-ray inspection in metalcasting facilities for consistent results and shorter inspection times.
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