May 2013

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What a Difference: Editorial
A.T. Spada
Start Gaining Process Knowledge: Failed castings, whether occurring as internal or external scrap or rework, become a significant operating cost that could be reduced by controlling the
variables critical to specific parts.
Dr. H. Roshan
One Hundred and Fifty-One Parts to Infinity: Danko Arlington and an innovative team cast a mathematical monument.
D. Kapel
Testing 1-2-3: Predicting the Fatigue Life of Aluminum Castings: Technical specialists with General Motors developed models that account for microstructure constituents and flaws.
A Modern Casting Staff Report
CastExpo Roundup: More than 7,000 CastExpo attendees turned out for the North American metalcasting industry's once-in-three-years event.
A Modern Casting Staff Report
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