June 2018

The June 2018 issue of Modern Casting reveals the Metalcaster of the Year.
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Editorial: Ambassadors for Metalcasting
Doug Kurkul
Washington Alert: Priorities of Federal Labor Agencies Unveiled in Spring 2018 Regulatory Agenda
Safe Practice: Don’t Forget Ladder Safety
Juliette Garesche
Marketing Mind: Reputation Management for Metalcasting
Rich Jefferson
College Connection: Scouting the Foundry: Sharing Metalcasting
Industry Faces: Albrecht relishing varied life experiences
Making the Case in Washington: The industry has asked the Department of Labor for a six-month delay of the new silica rule enforcement deadline and is urging its federal representatives to pass a comprehensive infrastructure package.
Stephanie Salmon
Metalcaster of the Year: Sustainability Drives Waupaca Foundry: Waupaca Foundry has made significant reductions in energy and water consumption through a focused, analytical management approach.
Shannon Wetzel
Does Water Quality Affect Green Sand Properties?: Research was conducted to evaluate the effect of contaminants commonly found in tap and well water on green sand properties.
Bo Wallace, Sairam Ravi, Jerry Thiel
Changing Perceptions: The Need for an “Unbalanced Force”: The metalcasting industry can positively affect its future if it shows outsiders what it’s really about.
Dan Oman
Multi-Material Casting: Practical Foundry Guidelines: Practical guidelines enable faster development of insert-strengthened aluminum castings.
Carl Soderhjelm, Diran Apelian
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