June 2016

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Editorial: Success Still Happens
A.T. Spada
Washington Alert: House Approves Legislation to Overhaul Primary Chemicals Law
CEO Journal: A 50-Year Forecast
D. Marcus
Letter to the Editor: June Brings Even More Thoughts of Safety's Importance
T. Slavin
Metalcaster of the Year: Production Castings has built a reputation and strong business model on offering its customers added value from tooling to assembly
S. Wetzel
Casting an Achievement of Design, Coordination: The drive housing casting for the 9RX 4-Track John Deere tractor was a complicated process aided by teamwork
B. Sandalow
The Legal Challenge to OSHA's Crystalline Silica Rule: The recently finalized workplace exposure standard for crystalline silica poses a challenge to the metalcasting industry for implementation.
A Modern Casting Staff Report
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