June 2014

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Aristo Cast's Can-Do Approach: As a 40-person job shop, Aristo Cast excels at delivering what others can't, from RP-based innovation to investment casting magnesium.
D. Kapel
Proposed Silica Rule Testimony Under Review: OSHA is considering the testimony from a two-week public hearing on its proposed rule to reduce the permissible exposure limit to silica before it submits its final draft to the U.S. Office of Management & Budget.
S Wetzel
Sustainability Gets the Green Light: The metalcasting industry sees itself as a leader in recycling. But when it comes to engaging local government, communities and customers, metalcasters can improve their message of waste reduction and beneficial reuse.
N. Leider
Make Gains Through Lean Manufacturing: Deploying a Hoshin Kanri implementation pays off.
E. Obadinma, M. Zohrabi and F. Samsami
Understanding Segregation to Predict Solidification: To conclude a three-part series, solidification paths may be calculated from segregation equations and used to pinpoint optimum alloy compositions for castings.
G. Sigworth
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