July 2018

July 2018
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Editorial: How Are We Going To Do This?
S. Wetzel
Washington Alert: Labor Department Rule Expands Small Business Health Plan Options
Smart Energy: Compressed Air: Fix the Leaks
J. Wiczer, R. Eppich, C. Belt, B. Reinke
From AFS: AFS: Building Value Through Industry Connections
J. Bye
Safe Practice: The EPA’s Clean Water Rule: Why Is It Controversial and Can It Be Fixed?
D. Hunter
Marketing Mind: How Your Foundry Can Change Perceptions
R. Jefferson
In The Community: Eagle Alloy is active in its area by contributing to over 75 charitable and community organizations annually and taking part in many other initiatives.
College Connection: FEF Schools Participate in AFS Birmingham Casting Competition
Vermont Castings Goes Lean: The producer of cast iron stove parts is moving into a new era thanks to an ambitious lean manufacturing program.
B. Sandalow
Defect Detective: Common Green Sand Flaws: Green sand quality control, including good critical visual inspection, helps avoid scrapped castings.
AFS Institute
Dos and Don’ts of Dust Collection Maintenance: Properly maintaining and operating dust collection systems can reap large direct and indirect returns on investment.
D. Dalsanto
5 Steps to Identify Casting Defects: A comprehensive checklist can help troubleshoot and eliminate certain issues.
S. Kannan, A. Pathak, T. Cobett
Aluminum 351 Can Take the Heat, Study Says: A study on cast aluminum 351 for cylinder heads determined the alloy has improved tensile strength and creep resistance over more common alloys while exhibiting good castability.
Q. Wang, D. Hess, X. Yan, F. Caron
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