February 2024

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The Staying Power of Investing and Innovating: Bingham & Taylor has many good reasons to be bullish on the future.
K. Phelan
Improving Safety With Robots: Two foundries share examples for reducing injury risks.
B. Finn
Scaling Back Heat Treatment of Aluminum 319 Without Changing Material Properties: Optimizing thermal processing of sand castings to meet mechanical requirements in
less time can reduce costs and CO2 footprint.
R. Mackay, G. Byczynski
Good Things Happen When a Foundry Goes "Smart": Customer cost and quality advantages lie at the heart of a five-year, Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing journey now in progress at Grede.
K. Phelan
Meltdown in the Making: Why Foundry Cybersecurity Can’t Be Cast Aside: Post COVID-19, many foundries have faced ransomware attacks, email fraud, and supply chain attacks.
E. Kubick, J. Jones, S. Kannan
EDITORIAL: Foundry Safety is an Integral Part of Company Culture
D. Kurkul
WASHINGTON ALERT: EPA Weighs Used Drum Requirements
J. Hannapel
COLLEGE CONNECTION: Non-School Projects Offer Students Next-Level Learning
P. Lechner
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