February 2017

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Editorial: Offense and Defense
D. Kurkul
Washington Alert: New Administration Orders Freeze of Pending Regulations
S. Salmon, J. Hannapel and C. Richter
Safe Practice: Impact of New Working-Walking Surfaces Rules
D. Hunter and M. Jager
By The Law: Made in the USA
D. Resser
From AFS: Increase Your Knowledge, Help Your Employer
Z. Connor
Cooking With a New Casting: A cast iron cooker introduced to the market is challenging traditional kamado grills.
B. Sandalow
Getting Connected: Social media is growing in importance, and Modern Casting asked metalcasters that do it well for tips and advice.
B. Sandalow
Thermal Management of Permanent Molds: Metalcasters have a suite of devices and resources available to achieve proper thermal management and control of permanent mold tooling.
AFS Institute
Using Specialty Sand Blends to Reduce Veining Defects: Research was conducted to evaluate the effect of the addition of specialty aggregates to silica sand.
S. Ravi and J. Thiel
Training Case Study With Charlotte Pipe: The iron casting facility's training manager shared with Modern Casting his strategies for building a knowledgeable workforce.
S. Wetzel
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