February 2014

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Knowledge is Power:
A. T. Spada
Data-Driven Decisions: Palmer Foundry is using statistical analysis of its equipment, raw materials and environment to operate more efficiently and intelligently.
S. Wetzel
Cooling is Crucial: Smart system design and maintenance keep induction melt operations running.
S. Hunter
Cannon Goes Light With Steel Alloy: Steel's high yield strength and tolerance of deflection without damage helped keep the weight low in a 15-piece fabrication to casting conversion.
G. Burrow
Hybrid Metal Casting: Low pressure permanent mold overcasting optimizes part characteristics.
F. Chiesa, G. Morin, B. Tougas, J.F. Corriveau
Testing 1-2-3: Quality Stabilization in Aluminum Die Castings,: A series of tests shows the impact of carbon-based coatings in aluminum diecasting operations.
A MODERN casting Staff Report
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