December 2017

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Editorial: AFS and FEF: Attracting the Next Generation
D. Kurkul
Washington Alert: Labor Department Appeals Ruling in Overtime Case, Sets Stage for New Rulemaking
By The Law: Patent Trolls Exist
D. Resser
Smart Energy: Radiant Heat Loss: Do You Really Know What It's Costing You?
R. Eppich, C. Belt, J. Wiczer, B. Reinke
Novel Solutions: Anticipatory Organizations Know the Future, and So Can You
R. Jefferson
Alliant Castings' Pattern of Progress: The small abrasion resistant iron casting facility keeps focused on its alloy niche while pushing for continuous technological improvements like 3-D printing that optimize and maximize its resources.
S. Wetzel
Census of World Casting Production: Global Casting Production Growth Stalls: Worldwide casting production grew by less than half a percent for the second year in a row in 2016.
A Modern Casting Staff Report
Sustainability in Metalcasting: The Green Foundry Project: Five case studies show how metalcasters were able to improve their efficiency by implementing green practices.
AFS Environmental Health & Safety Division
Development and Casting of High Cerium Content Aluminum Alloys: A pilot casting study looked at the promising aluminum-cerium alloy system that exhibits good mechanical properties at high temperatures.
D. Weiss
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