December 2013

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47th Census of World Casting Production: The 2012 census shows annual casting production continued to grow after exceeding prerecession levels in 2011.
Pure Power Eyes Growth in Lost Foam: With its lost foam operation, Navistar's Pure Power Technologies in Waukesha, Wisconsin, focuses on building interest from its parent company and external OEMs.
N. Leider
Printing Possibilities: Emerging additive manufacturing technology for sand molds and cores removes design constraints and accelerates speed to market.
S. Wetzel
Safety Conscious Operations: Top metalcasters foster a culture of awareness.
D. Kapel
Testing 1-2-3: The Impact of Weld Repair on Aluminum Sand Castings,: Researchers investigate the accepted belief that weld repair does not affect the mechanical properties of E357 sand castings.
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