August 2020

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EDITORIAL: Keeping Your Equipment Running
S. Wetzel
SAFE PRACTICE: Hexavalent Chromium in Foundries
K. Rowntree
COLLEGE CONNECTION: Student Casting Competitions Provide Learning Experiences
P. Lechner
Put Down the Firehouse...and Improve Your Maintenance Department: Foundry insiders point to the problem-solving mindsets and downtime-reducing technologies that are moving the industry forward—one preventive step at a time­—on the equipment maintenance continuum.
K. Phelan
Casting Call: Part Plays Lead Role Then Pays for Itself: A five-piece fabricated prototype part was eating up 30 minutes per piece in welding labor, which wasn’t too smart for the genius concept one manufacturer envisioned. But the ‘ah-ha’ decision to make it a casting poured on almost instant ROI and nearly $100K in annual savings.
K. Phelan
Comparing Pipeline Steel Melted in Vacuum and Air Induction Furnaces: A study compared the cleanliness, microstructures and mechanical properties of X80 pipeline steel samples produced by vacuum induction melting versus air induction melting. The data indicated the steel chemical composition, microstructures and tensile properties were comparable but vacuum melting offered an improvement in the steel cleanliness and Charpy V-notch impact toughness.
D. Li and C. Scott
Realistic Simulation of the Combustion of Exothermic Feeders : Exothermic feeder sleeves are increasingly being used in iron casting and a new model helps metalcasters design feeder systems more efficiently using the sleeves.
M. Leonhard, M. Todte and J. Schafer
Why Lost Foam?: The lost foam casting process is a globally recognized near net shape process with potential to reduce cost through near net shape castings and weight
M. Miller
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