August 2018

August 2018
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Editorial : High-Skill Workers and the Foundry
D. Kurkul
Washington Alert : Senate Passes Bill to Increase Funding and Modernize Perkins Act
Safe Practice: Forgotten Safety Regulations: Forklift Safety
J. Garesche
By The Law: Differences Between Patent and Competition Laws
D. Resser
Marketing Mind: The Future of Business Sustainability: AFS Additive Conference
R. Jefferson
In The Community: AMERICAN Cast Iron Pipe Company is active in its community by taking part in multiple initiatives and spreading the word about metalcasting.
College Connection: Saltillo students Host Platteville Counterparts
Incremental Improvements, Lasting Results: AB&I Foundry emphasizes continuous improvements to its operations to keep costs low and employee retention up.
S. Wetzel
What Impact Will 3D Metal Printing Have on Investment Casting?: Some have speculated that 3D printing will have a substantial effect on investment casting. The evidence says otherwise.
T. Mueller
State of the U.S. Cupola Industry: Cupola melting systems in the U.S. produce a majority of iron castings, and advancements in the melting technology has made their use sustainable into the future.
D. Kasun
Is Branching Out the Right Move?: The addition of secondary operations brings challenges and obstacles, but it can also provide multiple benefits.
B. Sandalow
How Properties Vary Throughout a Casting: A study set out to show how properties can vary throughout a casting and why that’s OK.
F. Chiesa, J. Carignan, D. Levasseur, G. Marin, M. Jutras
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