April 2020

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EDITORIAL: Dealing With Disappointment
S. Wetzel
SAFE PRACTICE: What Foundries Can Do When There Is a Respirator Shortage
T. Slavin and K. Rowntree
COLLEGE CONNECTION: Cal Poly Pomona Shares Casting With Community
P. Lechner
COVID-19 Resources for Metalcasters: AFS has compiled resources for metalcasters facing the COVID-19 crisis.
Modern Casting Staff Report
Foundry 4.0 and the Future: How foundries operate in the future may look and feel much different than metalcasting operations of today.
S. Wetzel
Process and Data Automation for the Mid-Sized Foundry: Industry 4.0 can propel metalcasting facilities, but automation means more than robotics.
J. Lagrant
Case Studies in Foundry 4.0: Cutting-edge technology ranging from machine learning to augmented reality is pushing metalcasting into a new phase of innovation.
K. Stanek
Upgassing A356 Aluminum to an Intermediate Specific Gravity : A low pressure aluminum foundry incorporated a rotary degassing system guided by a computer model to make controlled additions of hydrogen into its aluminum 356 alloy.
D. Lightle and B. Began
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