Bingham & Taylor Honors Employee Excellence

AFS Corporate Member Bingham & Taylor honored its workforce on National Employee Appreciation Day, observed annually on the first Friday of March––but the company says it extends staff recognition beyond just a single day. To further its mission of fostering a culture of collaboration, Bingham & Taylor has dedicated years to developing and enhancing the C2ARES values program, a cornerstone of its corporate culture. The initiative, shaped by both executives and staff, stands for Collaboration, Creativity, Accountability, Respect, Excellence, and Sustainability. 

The program was crafted through the collective efforts of a diverse team of employees and senior leaders to ensure these values are deeply ingrained in every aspect of the company’s operations and ethos.

“This initiative embodies a shared commitment that involves all members of our team, ensuring inclusivity from seasoned veterans to new faces, giving everyone a voice in defining our culture,” said President and CEO Laura Grondin. “Taking a stance on these values demonstrates the team’s commitment to the future of Bingham & Taylor.”