SinterCast breaks four million Engine Equivalent milestone

SinterCast set a series production all-time high of 4.1 million Engine Equivalents in June, surpassing the four million Engine Equivalent milestone for the first time. This followed production of 3.9 million Engine Equivalents in May, marking an end to the variable production that affected the first four months of the year. 

Despite production of 3.1 million Engine Equivalents in April, series production for the second quarter finished at 3.7 million Engine Equivalents, establishing a new quarterly record and extending the streak to nine consecutive quarters of year-on-year series production increases. In perspective, second quarter production finished 12% above the volatile first quarter and 6% above full-year 2022.

Sampling Cup volume also improved during the second quarter, finishing at 49,500 units. The second quarter volume represents a 50% increase over first quarter shipments (33,100) and returns to the recent full-year pace of approximately 200,000 Sampling Cups shipped in 2021 and 2022. The company said the second quarter increase indicates customers have largely concluded their efforts to restrict orders and to re-establish minimum stock levels following the normalization of global supply chains.

“From the start of our first series production in 1999, we needed 16 years to reach the 2 million Engine Equivalent barrier in 2015,” said Dr. Steve Dawson, president and CEO. “Now, we have doubled our production to four million Engine Equivalents in half the time. With four million accomplished, we now set our sights on five million.”