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Facebook Invasion

Is it just us, or does Facebook seem to be in the news a lot lately? The most recent item we’ve seen is the assertion by a British neuroscientist that Facebook and other social networking sites will result in “infantilized” minds in the 21st Century.

Chicago Tribune also posted a blog entry Tuesday on tips for giving up Facebook during Lent.

Feels like Facebook is invading the entire universe. Well, now metalcasting is invading Facebook. Our staff has created its very own Facebook page for MODERN CASTING magazine. Check us out here. You can become a fan of the page if you’re already one of the thousands of “infantilized” minds logged into Facebook (hey-we’re not judging, we’re regressing along with you.)

In all seriousness, we do feel like entering into the online networking realm is beneficial to establishing a community among our readers. So log on and see what our staff and other metal heads in the industry are up to. We’ve also created a group in LinkedIn, a more business-oriented online networking group. Go here to check it out. You’ll have to be a LinkedIn member to view more of this group’s page.

See you online.