Versevo Adds 3D Sand Printing of Cores, Molds

AFS Corporate Member Versevo, has expanded its capabilities in the development of complex cores and molds by adding 3D sand printing technology. 3D sand printing capabilities provide a faster and less expensive solution to making early development, low volume, and production sand cores.

“3D Sand printing allows us to deliver molds and cores faster using the same raw materials and chemicals as is used in current production core making processes” says Terry Moon, president, and CEO. “This process lowers costs for customers because the automated system eliminates the need for labor, reduces scrap, and is printed directly from 3D CAD data, therefore eliminating the need for physical tooling and core assembly operations.”

To provide the digital capabilities, Versevo invested in an ExOne S-Max Pro binder jet 3D sand printer, which features a large 1260-liter (44 Cu Ft) build volume, a max build rate up to 125 liters (132 quarts) per hour, and layer height from 0.2mm (.008 in) to 0.5 mm (.020 in). 

Located in Hartland, Wisconsin, the company says using the 3D sand printing process to make complex cores is superior to traditional sand core blowing because it permits the consolidation of cores, eliminating expensive assembly operations, reducing labor, and considerably minimizing process-related defects. The company plans to quickly scale its 3D sand printing capabilities to meet customer demand as the metalcasting industry goes digital.

“It’s not just about building tools,” Moon said. “We focus on building tools that make high-quality parts, and that’s why customers value the variety of capabilities we offer, all under one roof. Customers rely on us to be an extension of their team, adding value and helping them be more successful.