Linamar building Giga casting facility in Canada

Linamar is constructing a 91.5-sq.ft. Giga casting facility in Welland, Ontario, Canada, that’s expected to be completed January 2024 and operational in 2025, according to a report by Dave Johnson in the Welland Tribune.  

Serving the automotive, agricultural, and industrial sectors, the company will purchase high-press diecasting equipment for the new facility—each weighing in excess of 6,000 tons, a category with just 25–30 machines in use worldwide. 

“We’ll be able to cast much larger lightweight components,” said CFO Linda Hasenfratz. “With the program we are launching, we’re able to take a part that was 72 kilograms down to 42 kilograms. We can take what was 35 different parts and reduce it to only five,” she told the Tribune.