Toyota and Siemens cooperate on digital transformation for diecasting

To support their goal of manufacturing quality parts, Toyota Industries Corp. and Siemens have cooperated to develop artificial intelligence (AI) that can predict product abnormalities in aluminum diecasting. It improves quality and productivity by using the AI application in Industrial Edge, the Siemens edge computing platform for industry. 

The initiative is an example of digital transformation in manufacturing, and Toyota Industries Corp. aims to use it to further evolve their technology and incorporate it into their production plants in Japan and overseas. 

During development, the two companies used a Siemens Simatic S7-1500 controller to gather big data totaling approximately 40,000 data points per diecasting shot at the model line and then analyzed the data using AI technology. They succeeded in preventing defects and improving quality by monitoring the production status in real time and automatically predicting equipment abnormalities that lead to quality issues. The production data is processed by the defect prediction AI on Industrial Edge, enabling instant analysis of the data on production conditions at the time of a shot and assessment of the part quality immediately after the casting. 

“Digital transformation is a game changer,” said Rainer Brehm, CEO of Factory Automation, Siemens AG. “I am delighted to have the opportunity to partner with Toyota Industries Corp. in this revolutionary endeavor and to work together to forge the future. We will continue to develop and provide solutions for industries incorporating the latest technologies and to contribute to optimized and sustainable manufacturing.”

Yuji Ishizaki, senior executive officer, member of the Board and general manager of Compressor Division at Toyota said, “It is significant that Toyota Industries Corp. has successfully implemented AI technology and achieved outcomes in the die casting process, which is where important compressor parts are produced. I am also proud that we have contributed to the practical use of Industrial Edge, the Siemens edge computing platform for industry. We will continue to offer new value for customers and to pursue even better working methods by embracing the use of advanced digital technologies in the production field.”