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Golf Magazine Tours Metalcasting Facility

And here we thought we were the only news outlet sharing videos of the metalcasting facility tours we do around the country.

In a recent equipment spotlight, Golf Digest and NBC Sports looked at the different kinds of irons used by golfers and how they are made. The five-minute video the magazine editors produced highlights primarily cavity back irons, which are made in the investment casting process.

In the course of its research for the piece, Golf Digest visited Dolphin Precision Investment Castings, Phoenix, Ariz. The video includes shots from the facility’s yard, wax room, melting and pouring areas, shakeout, and finishing room.

Investment casting is used to produce cacvity back irons because forging, the other primary iron-producing process, simply cannot match the ability of the casting process to produce forgiving irons with deeply inset back cavities, often with undercuts. For more information on the difference between the irons created by the two processes, check out the article “Metalcasting Works Fore Golfers” in the October 2007 issue of MODERN CASTING.