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AFS Salutes Foundry EHS Excellence With Industry Awards

In a celebration of foundry excellence and innovation, the American Foundry Society honored leaders in the field of environmental, health, and safety last month during the 35th EHS Conference in Chicago. AFS EHS awards recognize the outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations who are advancing safety, health, environmental stewardship, and sustainability in the metalcasting industry.

AFS Safe Year Awards

Safe Year Awards commend AFS Corporate Member facilities for their commitment to safety. These facilities have achieved an impressive milestone of one year (365 consecutive calendar days) without a lost-time incident. 
The 2023 AFS Safe Year Award recipients are:

  • BRP US, Inc. (Spruce Pine, North Carolina)
  • Buck Company LLC (Quarryville, Pennsylvania)
  • Clow Valve Metalcasting Facility (Oskaloosa, Iowa) – 2nd year
  • MH Valve Company (Anniston, Alabama)
  • Metal Technologies - Auburn Casting Center (Auburn, Indiana)
  • Wisconsin Precision Casting Corporation - East Troy Division (East Troy, Wisconsin) – 5th year
  • Novis Works, LLC (Canton, Ohio).

AFS Safety & Insight Awards

Safety & Insight Awards highlight projects and programs that contribute to enhancing safety, health, or ergonomics within foundry operations. The 2023 AFS Safety & Insight Award winners are:

  • Clow Valve Metalcasting Facility (Ergonomics)
  • Deere & Company (Health)
  • McWane Inc. - Kennedy Valve (Ergonomics)
  • M&H Valve Company (Ergonomics and Health).

AFS Green Foundry Award

The Green Foundry Award distinguishes AFS members that have implemented innovative measures to improve sustainability, reduce energy and resource consumption, minimize waste generation, decrease toxicity, identify beneficial re-use options for spent materials, and reduce their environmental impact. The 2023 Green Foundry Award recipient is Waupaca Foundry (Sustainability & Stakeholder Engagement).

AFS EHS Service Awards

Service Awards recognize individuals who provide sustained, exemplary service to the foundry industry in the EHS field. The 2023 Service Award recipients are:

  • Mary Kay Crowley (John Deere Foundry)
  • Kathy Moore (KERAMIDA)
  • Mickey Hannum (McWane).
  • Jonathan Stone 

Outstanding EHS Contribution Award

The Jonathan Stone Outstanding EHS Contribution Award acknowledges an individual who has made a significant and valuable EHS-related contribution to the industry in the recent past. It specifically seeks to recognize individuals who have volunteered their time by expending a high level of effort in a specific area that is of significant importance to the industry. This year’s honoree is Kay Rowntree (Industrial Hygiene Sciences LLC).

Gary Mosher New Committee Member Award

The Gary Mosher New Committee Member Award recognizes new members of EHS committees who actively participate in committee activities and make meaningful contributions during their first two years of membership. The 2023 Gary Mosher New Committee Member Award recipient is Curtis Veit (Waupaca Foundry).

AFS congratulates all award-winners for their commitment to EHS excellence. Their dedication and innovative approaches set the standard for the metalcasting industry.  

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