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Students Benefit at Metalcasting Congress

Pam Lechner

Technical papers…competitions…session monitoring…receptions…meeting future employers…hanging out at the FEF booth…networking with FEF alumni and current students…Rock and Roll Hall of Fame—so much to do, so little time. Where’s an FEF student to start?

Thanks to the generosity of AFS providing free registration to FEF students and professors and FEF’s ability to fund some of this travel, over 160 students were able to attend and take advantage of the many and varied opportunities at Metalcasting Congress. They attended technical paper presentations and served as session monitors; met FEF alumni and other current students; and of course, they enjoyed receptions and the local Cleveland attractions.

Metalcasting Congress is an important event for all our FEF students to attend and participate in. It provides an opportunity to learn by attending sessions as well as the opportunity to network with many companies in one place who may be looking for their next metalcasting employee. Students can spend a full day going from booth to booth learning how each company serves the foundry industry and providing their resume to those companies looking for interns and/or full-time employees. It’s a win-win for the companies and the students!

Many of those same students were members of the school teams that took part in the SFSA Cast in Steel competition. Prior to Metalcasting Congress, these teams cast African spear points that were then judged and tested for their durability, authenticity, and design. The team from Cal Poly-Pomona (Steel Broncos) took home the grand prize this year. And if you’re looking for a spear to add to your collection, FEF will be auctioning off over 20 of the submissions, including a spear cast by Forged in Fire judge, Ben Abbott. Visit the FEF website (www.fefinc.org) to see the spears to be auctioned and place your bid.

Additionally, prior to the start of the show, submissions were received for the AFS/FEF Student Research Scholarship competition. The 11 submitted papers covered subjects ranging from Recycled Aluminum Alloy for Automotive Application to Effect of Heat Treatment on Mechanical and Physical Properties of a Low Carbon FeMnAlSiC Steel. The winner, Jenna Van Hoogstraten from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, was announced during Congress. In addition to a scholarship award, Van Hoogstraten will have her paper published in the next IJMC issue.

Finally, this year’s Jean Bye AFS Women in Metalcasting Scholarship was awarded to FEF student Hannah Blansett (UAB).

Thanks to AFS for hosting an event that provides so many benefits to so many people. 

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