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Jobs is Back in Bronze

Imagine a casual-looking guy—mock turtleneck and jeans, sneakers and round glasses.  Sounds like the late Steve Jobs, co-founder, chairman and chief executive of Apple, Inc.  Only now, he is a 7-foot, 485-lb bronze statue.

As a tribute to Jobs and his support, Hungarian software company - Graphisoft- will unveil the statue on Dec. 21 according the Boston Globe’s online article.  Sculptor Erno Toth depicted Jobs as we are used to seeing him, giving a product presentation with iPhone in hand.  The statue is being created at the Leonardo Gold metalcasting facility in southern Budapest, and it will be displayed in Graphisoft Park, home to Graphisoft and other technology-based businesses.

In this case and in so many others, a metal casting is used as a work of art and also as something that will stand the test of time.  We think it’s neat to see this side of metal casting, offering the means to present a timeless tribute to a man that did so much, worldwide.