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Metalcasters Receive Their Five Minutes of Fame

While most metalcasters don’t join the industry for the glamour, two metalcasting facilities have had their share of fame on recent television programs.

Interestingly enough, each facility received attention for civil war period casting replicas.

Kent Foundry Co., Greenville, Mich., attracted The Discovery Channel’s show “How it’s Made,” when the channel heard about the facility’s Civil War cannon replicas. The facility produces these castings for South Bend Replicas, according to The Grand Rapids Press.

Kent Foundry’s niche market is making 25 pieces or fewer for single customers, which is a perfect fit with the cannon replica market.

Clarksville Foundry, Clarksville, Tenn., cast a replica component of Confederate submarine H.L. Hunly, the first submarine ever to sink an enemy ship. H.L., to discover what caused the damage to the submarine. National Geographic Channel aired the facility’s analysis and results mid-September in “Secret Weapon of the Confederacy.”