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CastExpo'08 Day 2: Our Suppliers Are Fat, We Should Be Happy

The rumor at CastExpo’08 is that exhibits are more impressive than they have been in years past.

One person called the booths more “European,” but what does that mean? Sexier? More traditional? More in love with soccer? At any rate, one way to make sense of the term is to say simply that CastExpo is growing, with more exhibitors, each showcasing a greater quantity of high quality equipment.

If our suppliers are pouring more money into marketing efforts, they’re making more money selling their wares to the metalcasting industry. And while the cynic might feel like he or she is getting the short end of the stick in that deal, it says good things about the state of our business. A healthy supplier means the nation’s metalcasters have the money to purchase new equipment.

And if having money is European, then let’s all head out and enjoy some soccer.