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Making Good PR

The metalcasting business is full of fire, smoke and sparks, which makes for good pictures but doesn’t necessarily paint the industry in a good light, particularly when it is covered in the media. However, many metalcasting facilities do a good job of using their local newspapers to show a different side of what they do.

Pennsylvanian metalcaster John Wright Co., part of Donsco Inc., is a prime example. The company is the top business story today on Lancaster Online,an online news source from several newspapers in the Lancaster, Pa., area. The article extols Wright Co.’s efforts to be environmentally-friendly, focusing on sand and metal recycling, the company’s conversion to electric furnaces, and the valuable products produced on its shop floor.

Going green is a sexy article topic right now, and metalcasters have been recycling from the beginning. Now’s a great time to lift the dark and smoky veil on the industry to reveal a lean, modern business producing complex, engineered parts.