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Will Expansions Keep Coming?

Shannon Wetzel

Take a look at the top stories on our web page this week. Two new foundry expansions, a new casting facility launch and a major new program won. It’s a stark contrast to where this industry was two years ago, and our recent forecast indicates we should see more good news in the next five years. The industry’s capacity shrank, but as manufacturing is seeing growth, much of that capacity must return.

What’s the outlook for your company over the next five years? Have you started planning for expansion or other investments to increase your capacity? Right now, MODERN CASTING is surveying North American metalcasters to hear what their purchasing plans are for 2012.

If you haven’t taken the survey, please do.  The results of the survey will offer a gauge of the industry’s level of confidence in the economy. We’re interested to see if the positive news releases and our personal discussions with industry folks match companies' individual growth plans. Can the end-users in the manufacturing industry count on their casting suppliers to muster up the capacity needed to fuel continued growth? 

--Shannon Wetzel, Digital Managing Editor