HWI, Calderys Celebrate Year Under Single Ownership, Offer Expanded Portfolio

A year ago in February, HWI and Calderys united under single ownership and became the Calderys Group. The new Group immediately began a program to share technologies, transferring a selection of Calderys solutions in the Americas to HWI.

“The past 12 months have been exciting, demanding, and very productive for our newly-formed Group,”said President and CEO Michel Cornelissen.The combination brought together two dynamic businesses with complimentary product ranges, and created the opportunity for technology sharing and cooperation for the benefit of the worlds high temperature manufacturing sectors. I am delighted that we are already seeing great results.

In the Americas, HWI has broadened its portfolio, including Calderys’ monolithics and pre-shaped technologies and the company’s steel casting fluxes, insulating fire bricks, tundish monolithics, and purging plugs. Some more work is expected in the coming months to transfer the production of additional Calderys items to HWI facilities.

"Throughout 2024, we will continue to add to, and update, our product portfolios, as HWI solutions are tested and made available in all geographic regions via Calderys´ global network, and Calderys products are made available in the Americas through HWI, now a member of Calderys,” Cornelissen added