ASK Chemicals opens new Mexican plant

AFS Corporate Member ASK Chemicals celebrated the opening of its new production facility in El Carmen near Monterrey, Mexico. The new site will produce high-performance binders and coatings for the Mexican market.

The site will be brought gradually into operation starting with the production of high-performing binders. The coatings production will follow in the coming months.

The newly inaugurated production facility will facilitate current and future growth in the Mexican market. The company said the new site represents an important addition to ASK Chemicals’ manufacturing footprint in the Americas.

In addition to a state-of-the-art chemical plant, the new Monterrey site also houses development laboratories to bring the company’s innovations closer to the Mexican market.

“The investment in our Mexican plant is one of the most significant for our company and a fundamental milestone in our long-term strategy to better serve the Mexican market” stated Frank Goede, chief executive officer. “We are very proud of our team that has succeeded not only in building this world-class production site during a pandemic but also has transferred the know-how and expertise to ensure a smooth ramp-up.”