Donsco Inc. Maximizes Auto Grinding Production

AFS Corporate Member Donsco Inc. recently rearranged the layout of one of its two plants for a more efficient working environment, which includes four Sinto Barinder high-speed, automated grinders. To maximize its equipment investment, the foundry sent a team to the manufacturer’s plant for four days of technical, hands-on training that included programming, fixture design, maintenance and program editing.  

“Having someone in the company that is trained and knowledgeable on the machines doing hands-on training with us was invaluable,” said Donsco Process Engineer Matt Gielarowski. “[Sinto] provided us with a specific training plan to meet our needs. They went above and beyond to ensure we understood the machines and were willing to support us in any capacity to utilize our Barinders to the fullest capacity.” 

Donsco installed multiple Barinders to reduce grinding time and create an all-in-one grinding solution. 
“This machine has allowed us to grind high volume parts with a reduced cycle time and less operator fatigue,” said Gielarowski. “For example, before we had to have two grinding operations to eliminate flash and riser contacts but now we can do it all in one step with the Barinder.” 

Based in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Donsco produces various volume runs in short run and longer running gray, ductile and alloyed iron castings, up to 150 lbs. in both horizontally and vertically parted molds. The foundry has been in continuous operation for more than 100 years and serves a variety of markets including agriculture, automotive, heavy equipment and pumps.