Ford Meter Box upgrades molding equipment for complex brass castings

Waterworks product specialists and foundry Ford Meter Box, an AFS Corporate Member in Wabash, Indiana, recently upgraded its existing matchplate molding machine to a DISA MATCH 14/19 with Automatic Core Setter, the first MATCH in the new 14/19 size to be delivered to a customer. 

The DISA MATCH 14/19 runs at speeds of up to 180 uncored molds per hour with fast pattern changes­—a good fit for foundries like Ford Meter Box that specialize in short to medium runs. Its matchplate adaptor means it can reuse existing jolt-squeeze pattern plates or patterns from other vendor’s matchplate machines with minimum modification—making upgrading easy and low cost.

Because many of Ford’s castings carry water, the company sets numerous cores to form the required channels—and its legacy automatic molding machines required manual core setting. Combining a DISA MATCH with DISA’s Automatic Core Setter became Ford Meter Box’s ideal solution. 

“Matchplate molding is very popular in U.S. foundries and we had many requests from customers who wanted to upgrade their existing 14/19 format machines to a DISA MATCH,” said Roberto Ramirez, director of Foundry Sales at DISA Americas. “Optimized to suit the smaller pattern size, the new 14/19 machine retains all the speed, accuracy, quality and flexibility DISA MATCH is famous for.”