Naval Foundry and Propeller Center makes 200,000-lb. casting for submarine

The Naval Foundry and Propeller Center (NFPC) in Philadelphia, a detachment of Norfolk Naval Shipyard and an AFS Corporate Member, made the first casting for a Columbia-Class submarine late this summer, weighing 200,000 lbs. NFPC is a Department of Defense manufacturing facility that specializes in advanced engineering, castings and precision machining that supports the mission of the U.S. Navy. 

Work done at the foundry supports the Columbia Class submarine program, a class of submarines that will replace the aging Ohio Class submarines and ensure sustainment of the most survivable leg of the U.S. nuclear triad, according to an NGPC press statement.

The Honorable James F. Geurts, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition, along with senior Navy leaders and congressional members, visited NFPC to see the historic event. 

According to Geurts, the work being done at NFPC speaks to the key role that the Navy’s civilian workforce has in delivering capacity to meet national security commitments.  

“Great to see the combined team keeping Columbia progressing and on schedule,” said Geurts. “By being able to do the casting ahead of construction start, it gives us a positive margin towards the schedule we need for Columbia.”