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Casting With a Conscience

Shannon Wetzel

While hunting for a business management book to review for my next Novel Solutions column, I came across “Conscious Capitalism” by John Mackey and Raj Sisodia about businesses working toward a goal of making money as well as providing a higher good for society. I was about to brush it off for being touchy-feely, when several instances of metalcasting companies practicing conscious capitalism came effortlessly to mind. The book cites Whole Foods and Patagonia, but less trendy names in our realm of the universe are just as up to speed.

From Bremen Casting Inc.’s onsite health clinic to Sivyer Steel’s “Going Green Initiative” to EMSCO’s recognition for supporting a Naval Reservist employee, examples of companies in the metalcasting industry acting not just on an economic level but on a humanitarian level abound. In visits to plants throughout the year, I find businesses that are committed to employee safety and health, serious about reducing their environmental footprint and eager to support their community.

When asked what makes their company successful, nine times out of ten, executives in this industry will answer, “the people.” It seems cliché, but it’s that belief that buoys a company’s conscious policies. It is touchy-feely, but maybe that’s a necessary part of capitalism. 

I haven’t read the book yet, but I did buy it. I wonder how the metalcasting industry will stack up.