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Assume They Know Nothing

Despite the numerous clichés warning of the perils of assuming (most of them not clean enough for print), we have to make some assumptions in the magazine business. We make assumptions about our readership every day, and the accuracy of those assumptions reflects on how good our product turns out to be.

In a reversal of roles, it can benefit you to make some assumptions about the media. Specifically, assume they don’t know a cope from the Copacabana or green sand from the Green Lantern. You also can assume they need some help in seeing the metalcasting industry as anything other than a dirty, old-fashioned manufacturing process.

Fortunately, the American Foundry Society offers an online resource for metalcasters looking to help out the know-nothing mainstream media. Under the “Media” tab in the main menu at www.afsinc.org, you’ll find some tips on dealing with the media, as well as a newly updated photo gallery with images ready for publication.

If the media member you’re dealing with doesn’t need pictures for print, send them the link to the gallery anyway. Browsing the images is an easy way to get to know some of the processes that we in the industry take as assumed knowledge.

And remember: assumption makes an a…Wait. That cliché still isn’t clean enough to print.