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A Change for Our Readership

The MODERN CASTING readership is a literate bunch, and we are changing the format of our semi-monthly “Novel Solutions” book review column to suit them.

It shouldn’t come as too big a surprise that you all like to read; the one thing we know for sure is that you read our magazine. But even given that fact, we found it surprising that more than half of those who participated in our November online poll (55.4%) read more than two business improvement books per year.

It’s probably a safe bet that most people read no more than a couple books of any type in a calendar year. Our readership finds time to read at least two books in order to be a better metalcaster every 12 months.

“Novel Solutions” dissects a current, popular business book in order to help you decide whether you’d like to read it. From now on, the column will include two regular features that will help you make that determination at a moment’s glance: the Casting Scale and Metalcaster’s Translation.

The Casting Scale will rate each reviewed book in four areas on a scale of one to five castings: 1) its relevance to metalcasting, 2) how technical it gets, 3) how much self-help fluff is included and 4) its bottom line worth. The Metalcaster’s Translation will look at a relevant passage from the selected book and convert it into language that relates directly to the metalcaster.

Check out the updated “Novel Solutions” column in the January issue of MODERN CASTING, and make sure to choose wisely when you select books in 2009.