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Marketing Genius

And the award for excellence in marketing by a metalcaster goes to…U.S. Aluminum Castings!

Okay, so that’s not a real award. But check out this video on YouTube and ask yourself why your plant hasn’t made one like it. (And while you’re on YouTube, check out the MODERN CASTING channel at www.youtube.com/MODERNCASTING.)

The video is a simple, straightforward walk through the aluminum job shop’s facilities. With only a touch fanfare, it highlights the company’s capabilities, which include the green sand, lost foam, permanent mold and nobake processes. The video production isn’t fancy and there are no special effects, but the clip does exactly what so many metalcasting plants fail to do—it makes U.S. Aluminum Castings known to the world.

It also bears mentioning that U.S. Aluminum Castings stays in touch with the trade press as well as any company in the industry. Hardly a pin drops around the metalcasting facility without someone sending out a press release on it. Your plant could do the same and receive just as much play.

U.S. Aluminum Castings hasn’t won an award for marketing. It has won considerable media coverage and greater exposure to potential customers. Copy the company’s strategy, and you will see results.