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New Website for Your Casting Customers Launched

As metalcasters, it is often up to you to key your customers into the casting process. Most design engineers are schooled in only one or two manufacturing processes, and if metalcasting isn’t one of them, your potential customers may shy away from what could be the optimal process.

To ease the transition from designing for one method, such as fabrication, to designing for metalcasting, MODERN CASTING’s sister publication Engineered Casting Solutions launched a new website last week, www.metalcastingdesign.com. Within the site is a collection of information that will help design engineers and casting purchasers learn more about the casting process and its capabilities. Highlights include a guide to metalcasting processes, articles on the various casting alloys and tips on purchasing and designing cost-effective castings. MetalcastingDesign.com also features a section of casting design successes and tutorials.

Next time you are fielding some metalcasting questions from a customer, we encourage you to point them to www.metalcastingdesign.com as a resource. And let us know what tools or information to add to better serve those potential casting customers.