AFS-led projects underway in AMC’s Emergent MetalCasting Solutions program

November 2023 marked the launch of three innovative projects spearheaded by the American Foundry Society as part of the American Metalcasting Consortium’s Emergent MetalCasting Solutions (EMCS) Program. These initiatives showcase AFS's commitment to advancing the metalcasting industry through collaborative research and development.

Advancing Investment Castings: The first project, a collaborative effort between AFS, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, MetalMorphasis LLC, Metaltek International, PDA LLC, and the University of Northern Iowa, focuses on enhancing shell recycling, rapid shell production, and improving risering rules for challenging alloys in investment castings. AFS Corporate Members will be the first to receive updates on the project process.

Surface Defects Analysis: In partnership with Western Michigan University, the second project delves into modeling the intricate relationship between surface defects on cast metal components and various casting process variables and parameters.

Continuing Nano-Reinforcement Research: Led by Loukus Technologies under the direction of David Weiss of Vision Materials, the third project builds upon previous success by examining nano-reinforcing aluminum alloys to increase strength without adding weight.

Digital Knowledge Transfer Platforms: Beginning in March 2023, this project focuses on digitizing AFS’s electronic transfer technology programs. Brian Began, AFS Vice President of Metalcasting Technical Services, will present project updates at Metalcasting Congress 2024.

These projects are sponsored by the Defense Logistics Agency Information Operations, J68, Research & Development, Ft. Belvoir (Virginia), and the Defense Logistics Agency – Troop Support (Philadelphia).