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FEF Is Celebrating 75 Years

P. Lechner

After WWII ended, there arose a desperate need for skilled technicians and educated leaders in the metalcasting industry. The Foundry Educational Foundation (FEF) was established in 1947 by the leaders of the industry, with the support of affiliated organizations and societies, as an independent extension of metalcasting educational programs at colleges and universities across the country. The primary objective was to bring top-quality men and women into the metalcasting industry.

Over those 75 years, FEF has been instrumental in influencing the lives of metalcasting company CEOs, presidents, owners, salespeople, plant managers, researchers, and engineers, as well as university and college professors. The objective of those founding members continues to be successful and an extremely beneficial program to the casting industry.

Over 27,000 students have passed through the educational halls of FEF-certified and affiliated schools. And over 100 alumni have given back to FEF by serving on the Board of Directors, with 28 currently serving and 16 other alumni currently serving on FEF committees.

Additionally, 36 FEF alumni have chosen to take on the task of teaching the next generation of metalcasters at an FEF school. And speaking of schools, since its inception, FEF has had a foundry/engineering/metalcasting program at 70 different schools across North America.
As we all know, success isn’t measured only in numbers, but also in how individuals and companies have benefitted and been made better by an experience or influence. Numbers are great, but people are more important.

“The successes that I have experienced in my career in metalcasting began with FEF, as it introduced me to a network of professionals who are passionate about helping you throughout all stages of your career,” said Kathy Hayrynen, Michigan Tech ’93, Applied Process. “I support FEF because it is my turn to pay it forward to the next generation of metalcasting professionals.”

John Grahek, University of Iowa ’88, EJ: “In 1984, I had a summer job working in an iron/brass foundry (Clow Valve). When I returned to UNI, I got involved in the AFS Student Chapter (grilled brats in the production lab for our lunch meeting) and received my first FEF scholarship. I was excited to see that there were industry organizations (like FEF and AFS) that supported the metal casting industry and students. I changed my major from Industrial Arts Education to Industrial Technology/Metal Casting.”

Mattie LaPrade – Virginia Tech ’17, ACIPCO: “I am happy to donate time and money to FEF because it is continuously evolving to find new ways to support the metalcasting industry through program funding, student support, alumni engagement, and outreach. I truly believe our unique industry would not be the same without the efforts of FEF.”

Most importantly, none of these successes would have been possible without the generosity of the hundreds of companies and individuals who have contributed to FEF over the past 75 years. Your thoughtfulness throughout these years has: encouraged students through scholarship funding, helped professors introduce hundreds of students to the world of metalcasting, and demonstrated the importance of metalcasting and manufacturing to other leaders at FEF universities.

FEF thanks you. And we look forward to another 75 successful years of inspiring young talent to enter the metalcasting industry.  

To make a donation please visiwww/fefinc.org/donate.