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Moore bullish on American economy

Brian Sandalow, Associate Editor

FORT WORTH, Texas – Economist Stephen Moore’s message during his keynote speech Thursday at the 122nd Metalcasting Congress was clear.

He’s “extraordinarily bullish” on the American economy.

Moore, who worked as an advisor on the Trump campaign, delivered an economic and political update on the third and final day of the Metalcasting Congress. During his remarks, he said “it’s a great time to be in business in America.”

He said he wanted the audience to get the message that the “economy is booming” and said the Trump administration’s economic direction is working and has increased the American capacity to produce.

For metalcasters specifically, he said this means lower energy prices and “less-onerous regulations” from OSHA or the EPA.

“That change in the whole regulatory climate, I think will be very positive,” Moore said. “And then the tax cut is going to bring a lot of new business to America and, as America’s economy grows, we’re going to need American steel and aluminum to allow that growth to happen.”

Splitting the Honors

The winner of the annual AFS/FEF Student Technology Digital Poster Contest was announced Wednesday. Actually, the winners.

Trevor Constance (Missouri University of Science and Technology) and David Sanchez (Tech Saltillo) took home first place. They were honored Wednesday.

Making It Official

Jean Bye, president and CEO of Dotson Iron Castings (Mankato, Minnesota), officially became president of AFS. She replaces Patricio Gil, CEO of Blackhawk de Mexico (Santa Catarina Centro, Nuevo León, Mexico), who is now the Immediate Past President.

“It’s a huge honor to be president of such a great organization. It binds the members together, supports one another as the going gets tough,” Bye said. “It’s just great fun to be listening to members and trying to help figure out how to better serve the members.”

Mark Your Calendars

CastExpo ’19 and the 123rd Metalcasting Congress will be held April 27-30, 2019, in Atlanta. The 124th Metalcasting Congress is set for April 21-23, 2020, in Cleveland.

The staff of Modern Casting provided daily updates on the 122nd Metalcasting Congress. For full event coverage, check out the May issue of the magazine.